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Entire first class at natural hair care school passes state exam
Tennessee's first natural hair school just opened and business is booming
Natural hair school sends inaugural class into salons
Inaugral class land apprenticeships...
Angelina Liom already has a degree in dental hygiene, but this summer she went back to school to study her true passion.  Liom, 26, is one of the first in the state to work in a salon as an apprentice who focuses specifically on natural hair, meaning hair that has not been chemically processed. She said she chose this career path because she noticed growing up that most stylists weren't familiar with the correct way to take care of her own hair.  Read more...
Its All About Memphis Interview
Owner Tamika Turner talks with....
The Institute of Beauty is Tennessee's first free standing natural haircare school. IOB started its first class of twenty students June 2, 2016 in Bartlett, Tennessee. Prior to this, school owners had to open full cosmetology schools in order to offer instruction in natural haircare. School owners also took advantage of the new apprenticeship laws in the state that allows students to work in a salon while in school. State Representative Antonio Parkinson, a Tennessee legislator passed a law allowing of the creation of free standing natural hair, aesthetics and manicuring. it took the state of Tennessee approximately two years to create the rules for operation. The law was passed in May of 2013. @itsallaboutmemphis
First Natural Hair School In Tennessee Business Is Booming For Black Hair Care
Tennessee here we come!
 A Mid-South woman has opened the first natural hair school in the state and the demand couldn't be higher.
The Institute of Beauty opened June 2, 2016, and it already is bring a boost to the Shelby County economy its owner said. "We didn't expect it," said Tamika Turner with a laugh.  Turner was nothing but smiles when WREG's Shay Arthur spoke with her Wednesday.  The business owner opened the first natural hair school in the Volunteer State.  She said she did it because she saw the need.  "Our goal was to have 20 students. Now we have 24 students and we have 15 students on the waiting list," she said.  The Institute of Beauty in Bartlett operates at a lower cost than other beauty schools and caters to the working student. Classes are at night.  Students spend 7 1/2 weeks learning and the other 7 1/2 at a salon, also learning but getting paid.    "So they can earn while they learn," she said.  "It's huge because a lot of women are transitioning from relaxed hair to their more  natural hair and it is really a big market now," said student Stephanie Macklin.  Turner said the demand isn't just here in the Memphis area.  Students come through the door from all over the state.  The owner said the economic impact is so overwhelming she's looking to open another school by the end of summer.  If you're interested in the school you can check them out on Facebook under "The Institute of Beauty" or
Their email address is .  
Natural Hair Care School Will Open Doors In Bartlett
The Institute of Beauty- Memphis
It will be located on the 29-thousand block of Bartlett Stage Plaza North.  On Monday, the Tennessee Board of Cosmetology approved the school under rules from a bill that state representative Antonio Parkinson created.  It was signed into law in 2013.  Read more...

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TN's first natural hair care school set to open in Bartlett
“The best can be challenged, but there's only one first,” Turner said.
First Natural Hair School in Her State
A Black Memphis, Tennessee entrepreneur has opened the first natural hair school in the Volunteer State to teach women how to style hair in natural and healthy ways.   Read more...
Tamika Turner opens Tennessee’s 1st natural hair school
Tennessee Woman Opens States First Natural Hair School
Tamika Turner has opened the first natural hair school in Tennessee and the response has been tremendous. On June 2, The Institute of Beauty opened its doors and according to Turner, business is already booming and bringing a much-needed boost to Shelby County’s economy.  Read more...
Tamika Turner, owner of The Institute of Beauty, opens Tennessee's first natural hair beauty school.   Read more...
Tennessee Woman Opens States First Natural Hair School

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The first natural hair beauty school has opened in Tennessee. The school, named, ‘The Institute of Beauty,’ opened by Tamika Turner,  is the the only place where beauticians can go to learn how to style natural hair.